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Endless Knitting WIP Boredom! Help!

Hello everyone!

I hope you have made it to Friday in one piece. It feels to me like this has been a long week.

On Monday we met our new Big Boss for the first time. I liked him. He wore a yellow tie, he was saying he wants everyone to be happy at work, and he appeared jolly, and he said it was important to have fun. All good.

On this Monday coming apparently I find out about the outcome of the restructure, but I’m not sure I’ll know anything definite about my new role. It is all such a drawn out mix up you could say it borders on farce.

Today was nice, I had a lie in, the bin men took all the rubbish without an argument and the weather was glorious. As I did yesterday, I ploughed through loads of chores, and the house is starting to sparkle. Jon has worked hard too and when I wiped the cat sneeze marks off the window I finally felt like I was getting somewhere!

This week I finished my last item for the Macmillan Cancer charity sale next week. At some point I have a bunch of eyeballs to knit for the Minion hats as well as sewing the mitts.

Part of my tidying today involved moving my knitting corner around. I had brought a lot of wool downstairs for the charity knitting, so that went back up, and I got my wool stash out and finally assembled all the yarn for my purl bee cowl. Here:


The ochre colour is some Organic Merino by Nimu in shade “Harvest”, the cream is some Rowan Summer Tweed, and the yellow is “Neon” Cascade 220.

It has been a hard slog knitting things for other people this year, an owl for my friend’s Nipper, a baby gift (hibernating) too warm to give, an alternative baby gift, four Minion hats and two sets of mitts for charity.

The sideways shrug needs 42 rows more before I can decrease and then start the sleeves, so I am trying to stick with it to the end. I also have a pink shawl half done. And I have my Millifiore crochet project which hasn’t even been started.

Where I am sitting I also have some gorgeous yarn for a yellow and grey shawl, some more Nimu silk and merino for a cardi, some bright green Nimu, and the list goes on. Basically I can see yarn for about 30 premium projects, any of which I can’t wait to start! That is not counting anything else. I have lots of nice wool calling me!

I am very bored with the sideways shrug. But I will plough on. Tomorrow and Sunday I will start some mitts which are a gift for a friend. If I am good, and get all my house chores done I will start the Purlbee cowl on Monday, which is also my day off.

How do you cope with boring WIP’s? Chores and WIPs I am feeling very rebellious indeed!

Having said that I am the happiest I have ever been in myself, which must be a good thing!

If I finish the shrug I will treat myself to a new book. Deal!

It’s the weekend! Yaay! Let’s knit!


Beyond Impressed! Tile Heaven!

Hello everyone!

It’s Thursday, I’ve got dishwash hands after washing up and tidying and chores all morning long; and I’m sitting down for a rest for the first time today, so I thought I’d say Hi!

By all rights I should be whinging about a bit of a hangover, but I’m chipper, after last nights dinner out with my Boss and the Team and the wine and the Capirinhas. We were at Rockit at Canary Wharf, the pretext was someone’s leaving do. It was fun.

On the way home I did a Facebook Word Cloud, it lists all the words you use most on Facebook Status updates. Mine was lovely, I was particularly pleased that the word “drunken” appeared in very small letters lol.

My most used words are Lol, Jon, Amber, pretty, knit, actually, doing, Train, Work, Home, xxx, mins, total and wonderful. I thought it gave off a positive and happy vibe!

Anyhow, enough of the rambling about! I wanted to share a fabulous company I have found online called Flekman Art Tiles.

This company specialises in wonderful art tiles. They have a range of tiles you can buy that feature famous art, or scenes from nature, I found them on eBay when looking for kitchen tiles to make a splash back feature for behind my cooker. Whilst reading the item details on eBay, I saw they make custom tiles from your own images.

I contacted Gena, and she helped me sort everything out, it was a breeze. The firm are based in New York, and I felt very glamorous having some custom tiles made just for me!

For $181, which includes postage, my best loved picture of Woozle became 16 six inch tiles. The quality is remarkable, and it took a couple of weeks. 5 days to make the tiles and post them, and another 5 days for them to arrive in the UK from the US.

Here, see the dull white kitchen wall space behind the cooker:


Here, see the cat tiles laid out on the kitchen table as made by Gena’s team, absolutely jaw droppingly fabulous! Well done Flekman Art Tiles!



Spice Up Your Day At The Office!

1. Have your wool delivered to your desk

2. Try not to shriek when package comes

3. Rip open bag and take iphone snap

4. Text your best friend/hubby/nipper with pic

5. Post your yarn porn pic on your work Knitting Club messenger group

6. Debate which yellow is best

7. Post related Purl Bee Cowl pattern

8. Debate alternate colours for cowl with Knitting Club Friends

9. Grin all day long knowing you have New Wul

10. Hug wul on train home, imagining getting in and opening the package up again!

11. Get home and Roll on your New Wul!


501 Posts!

Another Ta daah! This is a present for my friend’s baby.

Here’s my 501st blog post.

Now I must be in the habit of regular blogging, if I’ve posted so much. I’m hoping you like my writing, my musings and don’t mind my occasional rants.

I’m enjoying writing for you all!!


Flower Purse Ta Daah!

Here! It’s finished!


Sewing And More Sewing!

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re enjoying the weekend so far!

I swam some more yesterday and had a long walk too so today I decided to crack on with some crafting and stay home!

Here you can see my cat relaxing, whilst I was pricking my fingers, cutting, trimming and using pinking shears.

Who invented those? Aren’t they wonderful!


I bought some fat quarters yesterday as I am obsessed with a bit of patchwork I did when I was small, which involved making hexagon shapes you sewed by hand.

Here you can see a vintage quilt made using this technique:


Thinking that I would quickly finish my Daisy Purse, then crack on with the hexagons, I decided to start that first. I sewed the hems of Jon’s new Kryptek Typhoon trousers yesterday and was keen to do some more…

Here you can see my purse and the lining I carefully made to go in it:


Here you can see my assembled pile of fabrics!


Here is the baby present I intend to finish also today….


Here you can see dear Woozle giving her full approval to my patchwork pile:


Here you can see my sewing in progress….


I am not sure if I’ll get it all done but it’s fun!




A Bit Tired, But Happy Actually!

Hello everyone!

This week has been fab! Admittedly there have been a few stressful moments, such as when my new boss started asking me how long it will take me to complete a project where I don’t even have the bits I need to start the next phase. Hmmm.

After work, Jon and I have started swimming. I love rushing to the pool, even though the trains are packed, and the weather is a bit chilly coming home, and once you’re in it’s basically eat then bedtime.

Amber walks with me through the park in the morning, we are enjoying the bright green willow buds and leaves, the swathes of yellow daffodils, the birdsong, and best of all the huge blue sky and fluffy white clouds.

My legs feel very strong and for those gym goers you will understand me when I say I feel it in my gluteus maximus!

All this exercise is a bit tiring, I wonder when it will go from tiring to feeling fit and lively.

Today we all met up in Upminster at Costa for a giant Jaffa cake, which was a bit too big for me to be honest. We walked around all the shops after a long walk through the park, and Jon had an opticians appointment, and also his beard had grown to epic proportions, like something the animals would live in in a Percy the Park Keeper book….so he was also despatched to the barbers.

I bought some cakes, a spring like hat from a charity shop for £2, a basket of treats from M&S, and a new bag from Roomes.

When we got in we were a bit tired, and I sewed Jon’s new Kryptek Typhon cammo trousers up as they needed shortening a bit. Jon’s legs look short but he is remarkably fast at running; Amber and I never fail to marvel how he can break from a relaxed amble to a full on sprint when required to catch a bus. We trot after him, and he ensures the bus doesn’t go without us.

These trousers are made from ripstop fabric, so they needed a thin and sharp needle and strong cotton thread. I tried several threads and needles before I got it right, there was much tangling and cursing before I worked out what I should be using.

Here you can see me modelling one of my Minion hats for our charity sale coming up. I hope you have a super weekend!


The Week Of The Giant Jaffa Cake Invasion!

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re enjoying your weekend so far!

It has been an odd week, fast paced and fun at some points, and extremes of peace and love followed by witnessing bizarre and unkind behaviour at turns.

On the peace and love front, everyone at home is well and happy, our week has been full of kindness and affection. Amber and I have had lots of hugs and girl time, and we have been walking through our park each day, which has made a tremendous boost to my quality of life. Not only is the walk good for our health, with the fresh air and exercise, the sight of nature waking up each day fills the soul.

After work, Jon and I have been going to the pool together, the pool is softly lit and the day at work speeds past, happily knowing soon I’ll be swimming and zoning out with Jon, then us chatting and travelling back home together.

Knitting Club is in it’s second week of two day meet ups, it is wonderful to have double knitting company! We are ramping up our collective knitting efforts, we have a charity sale in a couple of weeks time. I have made two Minion hats and some striped mitts so far:



Today I have to knit some eyes for the new Minion hat. I am knitting a small baby sized one next. So cute!

One of the great joys of this week has been the discovery of the giant Jaffa Cakes in Costa. Sadly for my waistline, on Wednesday, right next to the till they had a plate of these delights free for patrons to sample. I succumbed!

Saturday was delightfully spent in the company of dear Lexie, who is the cleverest, warmest and most wonderful friend. A true kindred spirit. We met for lunch at Liverpool Street and the weather was gorgeous and sunny.

We ate at The Real Greek in Spitalfields Market, and we put the worl to rights over a bottle of Macedonian Rose and a plate of Gyros with salad, it was gorgeous, however the wine went to both our heads and by the time we toddled off for our Cultural Expedition to the Museum of London we doubted whether we’d get there!

Here you can see Liverpool St station glowing in the sun.


The exhibition we saw was the Elizabethan Hoard which was buried before the Fire Of London and was discovered by workmen in 1912. I have no idea why it took so long to put the jewellery on display, and there was little idea given of who owned the items.

Having said that, it was an amazing exhibition! Emerald cube watches, signed gold watches, hair jewels fit for a queen, earrings, all accompanied by portraits of contemporary people bedecked in pearls and necklaces of the exact type being shown. I was amazed at the quality and variety of the objects, it was breathtaking.

We had a nice pit stop in the tea room and set off for home, but not before enjoying the photo opportunities:


Outside, London was turning to dusk, and we grabbed a quick selfie before heading to St Paul’s station to come home:


Today has been a lot quieter, Jon and I have been lounging about like lazy dinosaurs dozing in the soaring temperatures. I think the most constructive thing I’ve managed is to marinate the meat for tomorrow’s dinner, do some laundry and sort some wool. I’ve also managed half of one of the James Bond novels I bought in Scotland two years ago. No wonder I only scored 50 in that BBC quiz on how many books you’ve read, I only like obscure pulp fiction and have read more spy books than I can count! I was ruthlessly honest and didn’t tick the serious books on the list I’ve bought and given to the charity shop unread! I would have had over 70 if I’d fibbed, but that’s not the point!

I hope you’ve had a jolly weekend, enjoying the sun and some light knitting or whatever! I am moseying into the kitchen to do something breathtaking with a chicken for dinner!

She Sells Sanctuary

One of my favourite songs ever is “She Sells Sanctuary” by The Cult.

It was released in 1985, on the album “Love”, which is one if the best albums of my teenage years, and Jon and I have a shared love of this band. The fact we were both punks in our youth is an invisible glue, along with us both being Art College snobs.

These two offbeat, rebellious and outrageously wild facets of our personality give us a mystical connection; I know I love Jon best because he understands this side of me and reflects it back, I certainly find it irresistibly compelling how he really gets this vital part of me which is pretty much hidden to the rest of the world.

I love everything about this song. Billy Duffy plays a Gretchen White Falcon guitar, which, coincidentally is Joni Mitchell’s favourite type of guitar too. The guitar has a metallic quality and exquisite crispness as an instrument and it takes the lead, the intro and the rhythm, and the jangling outro.

The drums bang into play as the song starts, and Ian Astbury, the vocalist, puts so much yearning and passion into his words, they have stayed with me throughout my adult life.

Ian sings: “The sparkle in your eyes, keeps me alive”. It’s the refrain you hear and when I listen to it, the music in my imagination sparkles too. I have danced to this in dark sweaty nightclubs in my glorious youth, feeling like I knew and owned everything, I’ve listened to it by myself in an echoing house, yearning for a love like this, in the car or while doing chores, I’ve seen it played live so many times, and I’ve made out to it too. Lol.

In my mind the Cult and this song fuses with mythology, American Indians, shamen, howling wolves, being young and everything exciting.

The idea of “the sparkle in your eyes” is an important one for me. When Jon is happy and loved his expression sparkles at me, and I can see his eyes are alight. I sparkle back to him, and the grins we share between us are the precious points of each day.

The song also conveys how the world changes, and you get judged, and it drags you down, and the weariness of it all. Then it describes how being with the right person is like finding sanctuary. To me these are gorgeous sentiments, so that’s why I am sharing this post, it’s my Friday musing.

Here, have a listen: you tube, The Cult, Sanctuary

Easter Knights and Difficult People

Hello everyone!

Today followed a wonderful weekend and I imagined that my peaceful attitude would coast me right through the day. As you know I do love my work.

Instead I had a selection of difficult conversations with really irritating people, and I still feel wound up by it. Never mind.

Jon and I went for a swim after work, it was very nice. I’d made a beef casserole yesterday, and Amber heated it up ready for us when we got in. It was very yummy!

Over the weekend I was randomly Googling and I came upon an Easter festival held in Berlin each year. It is all very Game of Thrones, with Knights on horseback jousting, sword fights, and other events, it all sounds very intriguing!

As far as I can tell, from using Google translate, the Citadel was rescued by these Easter Knights back in medieval times, and they remember these heroes each year, commemorating their bravery in this festival. Part of the re-enactment requires the Knights to fight over flames, so this must have been part of what happened back in time.

We have to go next year!!

The other exciting prospect is a company I discovered recently who make custom tiles from your own image. I am ordering a splashback of tiles for my kitchen using this picture, we’ll have our own dear Woozle, looking all neat and innocent, as a mural!



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