Skyscrapers and String

Harlequins and New Babies

All around me there is nature at work, we all go to work; at home I make things. Business and industry and quiet activity fills the air with a dynamic tension of goodness and fruitfulness. My friends have all been busy recently with the best of new things: babies. I have heard this week of two new babies, Lewis, the first born son of my work friend Colin, and Bonnie, newly born also to my work friend Casey and his wife. My dear friend Matt and his wife also have a new baby due next month, so I have started work on a series of baby things.

Nest making! My Grandad has a new flat to be furnished, all his new belongings are being delivered this week and carpets are going down. I have two pullovers I made him years ago which do not suit him as he finds them hard to put on. These garments were my beginning attempts at knitting, they are a bit lumpily made, not my best work frankly. However, both jerseys are in shades of teal, the same as the new bedlinen for his new bedroom, so they can be frogged, and I should be able to make him a nice lap blanket or a runner for his bed from the yarn. How happy I am to be able to recycle the yarn into another gift for him!

In my precious two days of weekend I shall be hooking Matt’s baby blanket. This project is one I have been thinking of and planning for a few months. Matt indicated he has made a cream nursery, and I made a comment that he needed a splash of colur via  cheery baby blanket. That thought has materialised into an exciting project: Matt played at one time for the Harlequins rugby team, and the sport is his passion. I thought it would be fabulous to turn the team colours into a baby blanket. In my mind I am imagining his pride in wrapping his new baby boy in a bright blanket representing his hopes for his new son’s sporting achievements!

I recently learned crochet and went to an amazing crochet workshop at Rowan Yarns in Holmfirth. Since then I have been obsessed with making things with my new skills. This baby blanket project is one of the most enjoyable I have started. I am using Rowan Cotton Glace, which is lovely to use, it is smooth and of the highest quality. Being hardwearing it will be ideal for a baby blanket. I am making a blanket about 4 feet square, four quarters in grey, red, brown and sky blue, with a black and green border. It seems a shocking combination, but they are the team colours. Sportsmen do not look at team colours in the same way as us crafters picking colours that agree with each other.

I will post some pictures once it gets light. I am on the red quadrant, the brown is nearly done. I need more yarn than I thought, so I have ordered another set earlier today!


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