Skyscrapers and String

2012 Mayan Calendar. The End?

Ok, so it’s 2012. Mayan Calendar, end of the world and all that.
I remember reading 1984 and thinking it was 100 years away. Then there was Prince with 1999, likewise, so far in the future as to be a number rather than a date, just like nnnnnnineteen. (Alright, you’ve probably guessed I’m not a twenty year old writing this blog.)
So, what’s the Mayan Calendar being mentioned for here then, eh?
Like a lot of people, presented with a fresh New Year, I was thinking of making some resolutions, usually around healthgiving abstinence of one kind or another. I gave up smoking last year, so I admit to being fed up with giving stuff up, and, frankly, I am still wrestling with the giving up of delicious naughty fags. (Sherlock last night-I so totally empathise!)
So, if the Mayans are right, this is my last 11 and a bit months. Do I propose to spend what could be the last days on earth on a diet? Not so bloody likely!
So, having studied “The Happiness Project” last year, in hommage, 2012 is gonna be “The Year of the Jen”.
Be nice to myself
Remember I am loved
Blog more
More Mojitos and Chocolate, please!


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