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Today was another fantastic trip to Loop, the premier yarn store in London. Loop is like a magical source of inspiration to me, it draws me in and seduces me with colour and texture and yarny wonderment. Although I had a vital mission to obtain a final skein of navy yarn to complete my jacket, today was not about the shop, the yarn or the welcoming atmosphere.

Today was an all dayer with Franklin Habit, he was in London to teach us about lace in the morning and how to decipher vintage patterns in the afternoon. Franklin has a brilliant sense of humour, he really knows his stuff, and although I had yarn and needles in my hands and a pattern, I had my ears open and my brain in gear, and discarded the knitting tools for wrestling with what I was learning and scribing pages of notes, and for once was not ticking away on my needles all day! Franklin taught us so much as the day went on.

Franklin brought samples of the various lace styles and took us through each one. I was reminded of the urgent need to make some more shawls, although I have three on the needles right now, and have made at least fifteen this year…

In the afternoon we learned about vintage patterns and the history of knitting. This is something I could spend years on. I love old needles, patterns and stories of how it all developed. Who’d know my love of red stockings would link me to the Medici and a fierce historical knitting debate?

The above picture was a teeny tiny beaded jug. Amazing!

I have knit many things and my taste runs to the quirky and kitsch, however I obviously have no imagination at all as I had never considered a knitted pineapple bag.
Anyhow, I have returned to my tiny house stuffed with yarn, my cat and my family and my brain is full of the magical things I have learned today. Thank you Franklin! And thank you Susan, who makes all this inspiration possible.
I might even make some of the ancient things from my old books. This one below was a gift to a fellow Virgo craft lady like myself called Bertha in September 1908.




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