Skyscrapers and String

Froideur and Cheese

Today I got up at 8.30, I was rudely awakened by the slamming of the hefty paper landing on the mat which is kindly facilitated by the junkie two doors down who does the paper round in his car every Sunday. His loutish son started up the round a couple of years ago, but couldn’t be bothered to keep it going so his dad does it for him now in the family car. How this is economical given the cost of petrol I have no idea. Why he needs paper round money when he obviously can afford to keep the entire household both adults and juveniles perpetually stoned I truly have no idea.

Anyway, I digress. Today I woke up well!

Jon is also feeling a bit better which is good. We left him to nap whilst we went out for some girl time. Knitting my amazing orange scarf on the bus for an hour, all eyes were on my flashing hands and the sparkling colours. After a nice lunch and a decent latte, I treated myself to some new product, both face stuff and make up. Very jolly.

When I came home, Jon made me a cup of tea which was an amazing result, given he’s been too much in pain to make me one of his legendary cuppas for some time since he got dvt. He polished off the macaroni and cheese I made from scratch and has even threatened to pinch some of my smoked salmon tomorrow, and now he is watching tv with his legs bent, again, he has been too poorly to do anything other than lie completely flat for the last week.

Now it is time to continue my froideur red top. The tabbed edge side 1 is complete, and side 2 is on the needles. The pattern is firmly fixed in my mind and to my relief I was just as comfortable today with my knitted lace pattern, it had not been deleted due to the herringbone stitch I have been wrestling with!

Hope you’re all looking forward to Christmas. I am looking forward to my wooly presents, Japanese and American yarniness. Brr! I am shivering with anticipation!


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