Skyscrapers and String

What Have I Learned in 2012

So, what have I learned this year?

In no particular order:


  • How to knit lace, and to construct shawls that are triangular, semicircular and crescent shaped
  • That virtuously trying to use your entire stash is pretty pointless and irritating. Better to view it as a bank deposit, something to turn to when you need it
  • That knitted objects can be unraveled when you want to, and you can start again anew
  • That slipping the first stitch on a piece makes a more even shape, especially on patches you are going to put together


People disappear, die, move away, find new friends, become unreliable or get sick, often at inconvenient times and with no notice, and it does not do well to be too dependent on any one person, especially for physical or emotional support. The Buddhists got their idea of refraining from too much emotional attachment about right. Try not to please other people all the time. Please yourself first, and if you have any energy left, by all means share that


  • It is just as well to cultivate self-reliance and a stoic attitude, and you can talk just as well to a blog as to another person, or to another person’s blog
  • Do things for yourself, as far as you are able
  • Go for a walk every day unless it is tipping with rain
  • Be nice to yourself, do not add to your misery by beating yourself up if things are not going right
  • Distractions are good. Find things that take your mind off your troubles and lean on these. Long walks are very good, as is treating yourself to some new lippy or wool
  • Be tidy and clean. Your attitude will improve if you are not sitting in a giant mess. Plus it will keep you busy and act as a distraction to any negative thoughts



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