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Craft Supplies

This weekend has been very jolly, although I have been quite strict with myself.

For example, yesterday, when I went to Starbucks I looked at all the cakes quite longingly. I have been on a diet since New Year’s Day and I can have cake, it is just that shop bought cake is such a disappointment and I know when I eat it it will not be as nice as I imagined…

Last night, when I went to bed I made a list. Not everyone has OCD, my Daughter likes to remind me. I can confess to you here that my winter coat pocket contains a pen and a notecard for list making whilst out and about. Anyway, I digress, my list last night contained an admonishment to myself to tidy my craft cupboard. It has needed doing for ages.


You can see from the above, it is a jumble of odds and ends. Recently I was looking for some beads, I knew I had these beads but I couldn’t find them. Grr! And also, I wanted a pair of 6mm needles. I have 1000 pairs of knitting needles, they are arranged in vases according to colour, but apparently I have none that are 6mm.

The craft cupboard was in a mess, and every time I open the door my cat jumps in, last week it got in the cupboard and sat there all day long and we had to walk past the cupboard with the door open so it wouldn’t get forgotten and be shut in there forever.


So I emptied the entire cupboard and sorted it out. At the first chink in the door when I opened it, Woozle dived straight in. It picked the wrong place to leap onto however and all it did was fall out of the cupboard with some yarn and knitting needles in each paw. Cats dislike being laughed at, so she immediately walked away to distance herself from us laughing at her slapstick routine. Not one jot of interest did she display in the cupboard, and when she hopped in again once it was empty she appeared annoyed there was no longer anything left to crash.

Also, I have put my vintage bedjacket patterns in a nice folder I bought especially yesterday. To celebrate I went online and bought some more.

By that time, the sun had come out, there was no sign of the morning’s rain returning, so I dragged Jon out for a walk. He has made me numerous cups of tea today and is in my good books. The cat is also being good. Long may it continue!



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  1. No craft cupboard is complete without a cat! Mine likes to climb in the cupboard too but, like yours, it often results in things falling out!


    | Reply Posted 5 years, 5 months ago
    • * jengolightly says:

      So cute arent they! Always something new to sit on!


      | Reply Posted 5 years, 5 months ago

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