Skyscrapers and String

Facile Cecile, C’est Parfait!

Ca Va Mes Amis!

Oh my! What a wonderful day we had at Loop on Saturday!

I left home really early, I was so excited to be attending a class taught by the marvellous Cecile Franconnie I woke up at 5 am. The other advantage of getting to Loop early is that I get the best opportunities at the Antique Market just outside the shop. Saturday was no exception, I snapped up some beauties. For another post!

I also visited the Euphorium bakery and blew a chunk of cash on bread and cakes to take home.

My classmates and I were huddled outside the shop eagerly waiting for the doors to open. Soon enough we were inside and heading downstairs to start our day. The little room for classes is so pretty. See!



Our table was set out with wool and cakes. Mmm!


The class started, Cecile brought her daughter along and the atmosphere was lovely.

The first step was to share some of Cecile’s designs. There were many gasps as these pretty things were handed round for us to look at.


So inspiring!






We started on our exercises, so much to learn! Such fun! Wonderful company!




The day passed so quickly, yet I think each time I meet Cecile I go up a level in my knowledge, and the level of detail and the precision, well, it makes me require more of myself.



My craft used to be quite lumpy, now the longer I hang about with the clever ladies who come to Loop, and the more classes I take, the more inspired I am to try that bit harder, to make the neatest and most precise job I can. Definitely has raised my game and transformed the way I do things.


A big Thank You to Cecile and Lucy, please come back soon! Also Thank You to Susan who makes all these classes possible. What a lovely day we had!



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    • * jengolightly says:

      Come back soon Cecile! I have not stopped crocheting since Saturday! Xxx


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