Skyscrapers and String

Blue Skies, And Fluffy White Cat Clouds…

Well, by the time this afternoon arrived, I’d crocheted half the Noro but had made a mistake which required frogging. Time to do something else obviously!

So I got up and did some tidying and made dinner. My wrist had had enough even with an Addi comfort hook.

As I tidied my worst hot spot (the cushion next to where I sit) I spotted the blue Thai silk shawl I started last year, which had lain there for a week or two, being made of extremely skinny silk yarn it takes up no room at all, so once my tidying/cooking duties were done I diligently did half a dozen rows and transferred off my favourite bamboo knitting needles (a free gift from Hotmail) onto a long circular, as the stitches were growing cramped on the straight needles.

I also realised I had no Ravelry pictures of this piece, so my cat helped me pose the composition, and modelled for me. So kind!

The yarn is pure silk, and is the cheeriest sky blue, Madonna blue even. It is called Risini, and has giant slubs throughout, which adds an air of knitting with noodles. These slubs are quite uncontrollable. Rather like the Cat. Bless her!





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