Skyscrapers and String

10 Reasons Why You Should Knit

  1. Knitting Is good for your ego. Everyone will envy your one of a kind hand knitted pieces, and will tell you how clever you are
  2. Knitting requires very little in the way of hard cash. A jumper that might take you two months to knit might only cost you £30 if you shop around to find good quality yarn. Needles can be obtained very cheaply, and you can often pick up jazzy coloured vintage ones in charity shops. Patterns can be found online free of charge
  3. You can use your knitting to become a fashion icon. Make your own styles or see what the catwalks are doing. You can develop your own unique sense of what is on trend, and be noticed for your modish accessories
  4. You can please your cat by sitting still whilst you knit so it can nap comfortably. See earlier blog posts for proof of cat pleasing crafting
  5. Knitting makes you brainier. It has been proven by scientists
  6. Travelling becomes more bearable if you knit. It attracts smiles from other passengers, fellow knitters chat to you, and horrid unruly children are struck dumb by the fascination of it
  7. Knitting gives you something to think about during sex
  8. Knitting gives you a sense of perspective. Your job becomes less of a bugbear once you see it is merely the means to an end to keep you in yarn
  9. Knitting keeps you focused. You can concentrate on any task in hand if you promise yourself a knitting break after it is finished
  10. Knitting can help you give up smoking as it gives you something to do with your hands. Apparently it calms frazzled nerves too but I can’t say that is always the case. Especially when you wing your knitting like I do and worry it is going wrong/your running out of yarn/your bath is about to overflow if you don’t stop/your dinner is smelling like it’s burning…

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  1. I admire your commitment! Whilst No 4 does not really work for me, I agree with all other points!


    | Reply Posted 5 years, 4 months ago
  2. * andresue says:

    #4 is my favorite. 🙂 My cat is in my lap as soon as I sit down with my knitting.


    | Reply Posted 5 years, 4 months ago
    • * jengolightly says:

      That’s exactly how it happens! And they have the knack of straightaway making it look like they have been there all day!


      | Reply Posted 5 years, 4 months ago

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