Skyscrapers and String

Fun With Sticks And String

Hello all!

Today has been very satisfying in a slow, productive, creative and enjoyable way.

I have to report to you that the “natural” cat food we ordered to help with Woozle’s bad skin has been a dead loss. Not even a glance at the dish, so we gave it to the foxes.

The grey and black tweed yarn is lovely, the back of the cardigan is done to the arm holes, just some straight knitting now and then onto the fronts.

I bought some navy chunky yarn yesterday from my local yarn store, Hayfield Bonus Chunky, it was really cheap and the quality is superb! Ever so soft and even to knit with.

The hat I hoped to make is in a book I was hoping to buy, and by mistake I’d put the book already in my Ravelry library. So, I’m improvising. It is squashed on the needles so I can’t see if it will be the right size or not until I cast off. I have my fingers crossed!

I made a beef rendang tonight for dinner, it was so good, Jon ate three plates of it. I like to see a man so happy in himself!

The cat has been hugged and fussed by all of us today, you can see here who is her current favourite!



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  1. Love Woozle x


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