Skyscrapers and String

Mad Day!

Hello all!

It has been an exciting day!

First of all, I finished both the fronts of my Tweed Boyfriend cardigan. And I Kitchener stitched the shoulders together and wove all the ends in. Just the sleeves now. Bingo!

Then I did three squares of my Bonnard Blues Scarf. This is the best pattern. I will write it up once I have finished the scarf. The yarn is lovely, Spindrift, the colours sing!

I got hungry after all the knitting and thought I’d make some muffins, Lucy kindly put up a recipe that makes half a dozen, which seemed like a good idea. Well, I kept adding bits into the bowl, some oatmeal, some mixed fruit, some golden syrup, then I chopped a huge Bramley apple in and added cloves and cinnamon. When it came to the last bit, where you go to the fridge and grab and crack in an egg, there was the difficult moment. I had no eggs. Disaster. Everything was in the mixing bowl.

This is the second time I have sodded up a cake due to being poorly for three weeks now on the trot. I have an infection that won’t shift and I am not very good at thinking due to constant pounding headache.

Any way, I had some creme fraiche so I added that to the bowl and another glog of milk. I realised the mixing bowl was now completely full and I had way too much for 6 muffins. I got the bigger muffin sheet out and easily filled 12 cases. I had a jolly time licking the spoon and bowl.


As you can see they turned out fine. Nom nom nom.

After a nice post lunch nap, I came down and looked at Facebook to find that Loop had coaxed Madeline Tosh to teach a class in March! Woop! I grabbed my purse and put my name down. What a result!

Not many cakes left now, the cat is bathed. What a super day, despite the snow which stopped my plans for a stroll about outside. Even the Robin stopped on my birdfeeder to say hello.



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