Skyscrapers and String

Breaking Up With Your Yarn

To quote Facebook, I am “in a relationship” with my knitting.

Sometimes, my knitting runs away with itself, I run out of patience, and I want to ditch it.

I can be midway through, a few rows in, I can be cast off and even part sewn up and I can’t stand it another minute longer.

Sometimes it’s the yarn that drives me away.

I have discovered over time, that there are certain qualities in yarn that I cannot tolerate. Like a man that drinks too much, or who gets wildly into debt, it can not redeem itself to me by showing its good side.

The kind of things I dislike are bumps and slubs, knots, coarseness, yarn that is coiled and has no halo. Crepe, grubby sludgy colours. Black yarn. Overly thick yarn for garments. Yarn that makes the stitches you have carefully crafted look like the ridiculous beginner attempts from back when you first learned to knit. Last year I bought some really posh yarn, it named the sheep the yarn was spun from the fleece of. It was intended for socks, and was a lovely mallard duck green. It drove me nuts. It ended up in a crochet shawl, it was lovely in the end but I’ll never buy another skein.

It is very hard for me to be faithful to my projects or to the yarn already in my stash. I am completely promiscuous when it comes to the lure of something new. I can change my mind more rapidly than anyone, and I care not a jot for what I discard. It is in the past, and I have moved on without a care.


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  1. Relationships need commitment and work. And mutual respect. 😉


    | Reply Posted 5 years, 4 months ago

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