Skyscrapers and String

Saturday and I’m Full Of Zip!

Today is the first day I’ve woken up feeling well for literally weeks!

I am raring to go.

Trying not to be daunted by all the catching up around the house I need to do, even if you ignore the housework there’s a substantial amount of sewing up and blocking. And I want to do some more de-cluttering. Don’t even mention the back garden.

But nothing can dispel the joy of feeling really alive and pain free and happy in my own skin.

I have been looking at my knitted WIPs and the yarn I have and my Ravelry queue and have been thinking how to avoid over commitment and having rolled the ideas around on being more disciplined etc, have quickly decided not to worry about that.

It’s like being a person who reviews restaurants for a living fretting about how little home-cooking they actually get round to, or how many calories they have eaten! You have to try the pudding lol don’t you!

And if it suddenly gets really sunny so I don’t need my coat (how optimistic can a girl get!!) I reserve the right to ditch any warm knitting on the needles immediately in favour of summer cardis.

Hoping to have some ta-dahs for you once the sewing is caught up with.

Yesterday I put my sewing things in the lovely sewing basket I bought on Sunday and realised how shabby my needle cases were. Need to do something about that!

Right, now, I promise you some pictures later today, I hope you’re used to me blogging little and often now. I remember when I started this blog two years ago, I promised to show you some of the home made things I have around the house, so if you’re interested I’ll start taking some pictures and I’ll give you a little tour over the next few weeks.

Plus, I need to plant up my window boxes, so I can show you those too when they’re done, everyone likes Spring flowers, yes?

Right, the Postman has been, so I am now literally hopping about with Glee (thank you Teenage Fashionista for putting the latest Glee album on iTunes for me!) as all my yarn has arrived for the amazing seed stitch wrap courtesy of Purl Bee.

What do you think of the colours? I am humming and hawing over the blue it is too purple. Luckily I have something in my stash in bright blue silk (see why having opulent stashes are the absolute business!) but I’m going to muse on it for a while whilst I get my chores done…

Your views please! I am so excited!



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  1. * andresue says:

    The colors are lovely! They look like they are the same colors in the patten picture? And, you are right- opulent stashes come in very handy!!


    | Reply Posted 5 years, 4 months ago
    • * jengolightly says:

      Thank you! They are as near as you can get, the original design calls for three or four different makes of yarn, I thought thats a bit of a faff, sometimes you have to wing it a bit, eh! The greens are more yellowy in mine, and I swapped the navy and the dark denim for navy and blueberry. I hope it will be ok! So exciting! Xx


      | Reply Posted 5 years, 4 months ago

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