Skyscrapers and String

Blue Skies and Hurrah!

Hello all!

I hope you’ve had a good week. Today h a s been fab, I had lunch with Nat and we put the world to rights.

This afternoon I got a head of steam up and churned out work at a rate of knots. I left the Wharf tonight for the first time ever, on top of my projects! Such a high!

Even though there were SharePoint Designer-y things to do plus Infopath and calculated columns, IF statements and all sorts of complex things to do, my brain worked well and it all got done.

My Thai silk shawl has been my companion on the Tube this week, there are so many teeny tiny stitches on my needles I get one row done on the journey in, and another on the journey back. I am quite enjoying it now!




My silk wrap has had a lot of attention on Ravelry, which is nice, I had a nice message from someone who was chuffed I’d figured a substitute for the recommended yarn which is a bit dear.

Tomorrow I am Rabbit Knitting all day. It will be a lovely long weekend!



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