Skyscrapers and String

Out of Sorts

Today I have been a bit out of sorts, the best way to describe it is glum and irritated.

The trains were dismal this morning, I got into work all frazzled, office politics was making a stink in my in box and people were talking loudly and it could best be described as bedlam. Then I got shouted at by a lazy person for trying to ask them to help me do something they should be doing in the first place.

Lunchtime at Knitting Club, a blissful oasis in the day. Everyone is so nice. a toasted cheese and chicken sandwich and a latte. And it was still light when I got in.

Now I’m on my fourth colour on my wrap, it is a rosé pink, really pretty. You’d think I’d be provoking sunshine knitting a thick scarf in March, but no, looks like I’ll still need it when it’s done.


Woozle wants to say hello to you all. I need to click and grow my fourth stripe. There will be another ta daah this week and some more look books. Hope you’re all well.




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