Skyscrapers and String

Friday To Myself

Morning everyone!

Friday is the best day of the week for many of us. When you’re young, it’s no more school, when you’re a teenager you look forward to going out with your mates, in your twenties you go clubbing, you get married and stay in for the weekend then when you’re divorced and single again you have your parents have the nippers so you can again go out clubbing.

When you get to my advanced years, if you can wangle it, you can do what I have done and go four days at work and have Fridays off. A kind of pre-retirement.

I have been having Fridays off since September, but not a one of them until today was me in the house by myself all day. So today I am celebrating!

My plan was to become a reincarnation of Frida Kahlo, and paint every Friday. I have bought a flower headress and am growing my hair to plait. Sadly, many years of plucking my blonde eyebrows means I will never achieve the mono brow effect, but I can live with that. I have paints, brushes canvas and an easel. Anyone who knows me knows I can pull off the fierce stare.

So, before I start my morning with a relaxing bath and knitting book, I will share with you my promised Ta Daah!

Here is a shawl I finished last year which sat sadly in a bag until Jon kindly blocked it on Sunday.

It is kidsilk haze by Rowan, and Noro Sekku. It is an interplay between solid and shadow, made interesting by the mauve kidsilk which disappears like smoke between the fragile lines of Sekku.







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