Skyscrapers and String

De-clutter On An Epic Scale and All Round Happiness

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re having a super weekend! My weekend so far has been extremely satisfying.

My dear friend Alison came to visit yesterday, she is like instant excitement. Some people have inbuilt pizazz and she has it in spades. If you watch the film “Hello Dolly” with Barbra Streisand, you see a woman with everything my friend has got. Charisma, charm, optimism, she is gorgeous and delightful and everyone she encounters adores her.

Today has been very exciting also, my morning was shared with Al, then after she departed in a blizzard to join some other friends on a birthday jaunt, Jon and I went to do some more de cluttering upstairs. We shifted several bags of debris from under the bed and from out of Jon’s corner.

Since Lucy from Attic 24 mentioned Fly Lady in one of her posts I have been following Flylady’s advice on running your home on minimum effort for over a year, and I really love the peace it brings to have a clean and well ordered home life. We are all so much happier as a result, it really does revolutionise your mindset, you learn an almost zen like discipline without being preached at.

Since then I have gone through all my cupboards twice to get rid of clutter and junk. We still have some places which are untouched, the understairs cupboard and the loft spring to mind. I dread how much toot is lurking there, but we’ll get through it, one small phase at a time.

Now we are a bit pooped from our exertions, Amber has gone out for an exciting evening with friends and I am knitting with my dear cat beside me.

Tomorrow is my jaunt to Loop, Madeleine Tosh is teaching, life is wonderful.



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