Skyscrapers and String

10 Teachers

Here is a list of my all time teachers

  1. My daughter. She tries harder than anyone I’ve ever known. I am inspired by her work ethic and her cleverness, her courage and honesty. She amazes me on a daily basis
  2. My Grandad. He never spoke badly of anyone, or complained about anything, apart from when I made him his mother’s cake and every week he said it was soggy inside
  3. My cat. She taught me how to love more deeply or eloquently than any poet or songwriter. Wordlessly, she is the most generously loving being I have ever encountered
  4. Oprah. Her shows gave me strength when I had nothing. I learned to forgive myself for my mistakes
  5. Jon. He is the most patient and tolerant person I have ever known. He always sees the best in me
  6. Alison. You are the most courageous person. When I was stuck, or scared, I learned to be strong by boldly doing what I imagined you would do
  7. Dylan. You showed me personal integrity and I learned from you how to do what must be done because it is the right thing to do
  8. Uncle Roger. You gave me my first doll. I clung to that doll when things were really bad at home with my Stepdad when I was small, and there was no-one else to comfort me
  9. Mr Wellington. You gave me the courage to try to get my daughter into the best school when I clearly had no hope of my own
  10. My Nan. She taught me to knit, to cook, and to sing, and gave me the guiding principles to raise my child by. I still do what I think you would want me to do. You are my compass
  11. Thank you all, from my heart.


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