Skyscrapers and String

Massive S.E.X.

Hello everyone!

I hope you’ve had a super weekend!

I have been working hard indoors and doing a lot of thinking. Which is sometimes good but not always.

And I’ve had massive S.E.X. Which is code to us knitters, for a Stash Enrichment Expedition. I.e., a trip to a yarn retailer, whereby more yarn was purchased. Caught your attention didn’t I!!!

My knitting is coming along nicely. One sleeve of the blue cashmere sweater is finished, the seed stitch wrap needs no more than a dozen rows and it will be done.


Also, my Nipper needed new school uniform; we bought from the official suppliers however the quality was so poor we have consigned that batch to the bin and now have replaced with trusty M&S.

Hobbycraft had a sale on, on yarn. I couldn’t help myself. Since the Madeline Tosh colour workshop, I have been painfully aware that my stash had very little by way of useful and flattering colours for the projects I am anxious to make.

Usually I walk round Hobbycraft and get little. Put Rowan Cocoon on for £4 a ball in grey/violet, and bam! Next thing I am trugging a basket on wheels, they had Kaffe Fassett sock yarn for £1 per ball! I also scooped 1200 yards of pure wool 4ply in variegated mauves, which will make a fab cardi for summer.

The carrier bag was heaving, I also got some lovely cream merino dk for a shawl for my friend Kay who has a birthday coming up soon.

In M&S I found a gorgeous canary yellow showerproof jacket with a hood. My daughter says they will see me in it from Mars. I liked it!

Jon is making me a cup of tea, so I will get back to my wrap. Enjoy the sunshine!


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