Skyscrapers and String

Blocking and Rolling!

Last night was awesome. I met Jon on the same spot where we met all those years ago to go on our first proper date together. Jon says he fell in love with me that night watching me eat KFC. You can tell why I adore this guy!

We went up to London on the overground, then caught a cab to the Reliance, which is my favourite pub. It has a jukebox, it is full of proper people, but quite young, there is nothing posy going on and I like it there. I had a couple of Snakebites which reminded me of being a teenager, and of Mad Max, and Plig and the Regency Suite and the Toothbrush and my other friends back then.

Alex and Nat came to meet us, they are the best company. After a good catch up and more drinks we headed across the road for the Cay Tre, which is simply the best food in London IMHO.

Cay Tre is Vietnamese food, their beef carpaccio is to die for. They also sell Vijitos which are amazing cocktails, mojitos basically with passion fruit in. They also do champagne cocktails and huge hollowed out fruit things on fire which carry a warning “contains lots of alcohol”. We have tried all of these, as we have been there a lot.

Alex and Nat mean a lot to me, on the day of my Grandad’s funeral they met us in London and we went to the Cay Tre to eat and we laughed, it was amazing. I remember that day as such a happy one, a fitting tribute to the man who loved friends, and fun and good food and drink.

This morning I had a really nice long bath then a little nap. More wool arrived in the post from Winnie at Wislight, who are epic yarn retailers on eBay. Even though I bought the yarn a long time ago, she made sure my new batch completely matched the previous one. I will keep buying from this company.

Jon is a very clever and talented person. One of his little known skills which causes much envy in my friends is his enduring patience, and his skill at blocking lace shawls.

Today with my teeny tiny hangover, we unpacked the weekly shopping delivery and then we
blocked Katie’s wedding shawl #1, plus my under the sea shawl which is the thinnest and most infuriating thing I have ever made…at least it is done. When I say we, I mean I helped a bit, and Jon used the ruler and bossed me about but he did all the difficult bit. My main job is to wash the shawls first and get the excess water out.

Here it is in the sink. It looked and felt exactly like seaweed.

This is the beginning bit of pinning it out.




Soon they’ll be dry, the weather is sunny, and Woozle is in her Tower overseeing events. Erm, that is a bit of a fib, she is fast asleep!


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  1. * Sophia says:

    I love that your man is in charge of blocking! They do look very perfectly blocked… I’m living overseas now but as soon as I get back to my home, I am getting some good blocking wires and boards!


    | Reply Posted 5 years, 2 months ago
    • * jengolightly says:

      It is so nice to share skills within the family! Make everyone good at crafting even if they won’t knit…, Katie is paying Jon in cake for blocking her wedding shawls so bonus all round!!


      | Reply Posted 5 years, 2 months ago

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