Skyscrapers and String

Broadchurch Finale

Hello all! We made it through Monday! Yay!

I was particularly excited about today as I have been gripped by the new tv series Broadchurch.

As a devotee of detective dramas, you might ask me what is so different about this series?

The acting was top notch. Really good cast. Lots of character twists, good people turning out to be bad, good people appearing bad but being brave and coming out as good. Lots of appearing guilty and evidence to point one way, then an abrupt turn to the opposite direction.

The plot ran over six weeks, which is longer than normal. And quite hard to cope with! Who did it!

Tonight we had the finale, I could not believe who the murderer was.

The interesting thing for me was this show was the first I’ve ever seen where you were shown exactly what happens to a family affected by a murder. This show revealed this through several sub plots. This element was totally believable. Really well done.

There was someone affected by the murder of their child years ago, and no one cared how they felt, as they were seen unsympathetically, and you also got to see the mother of another murdered child from a previous case handled by the lead detective. Another man lost his family when his child died and he was hounded to his death as he appeared to be a suspect to the locals. He was just a grieving man. This made a really revealing counterpoint to the whole main plot with the newly murdered child.

What was most striking was how the murderer’s wife was portrayed. This was so accurate, what she was going through.

It made me wonder just what real life experience backed up,the writing of this story. I can’t wait for the next series!!

On another note, here is the cat really not paying attention tonight, I didn’t even knit one stitch.



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