Skyscrapers and String

Saturday, Good Friends and Wine

Hello Weekenders!

In the UK we are having bizarre weather. Today was sunny, then chilly, then sunny, then hailstones.

Lesley and I met and headed off to Spitalfields market for a browse and a mooch about. I have had a shocking week and the first thing we did was get ourselves seated at the Real Greek and we ordered a nice bottle of wine. Whilst we ate a fabulous meal we put the world to rights, and, in a quiet moment, I found myself realising something random about myself that I hadn’t consciously known before.

I am sure I have spent more time than the average person navel gazing, I am always meditating and learning new things and I’ve seen Runaway Bride with Julia Roberts so I know it is important to know your own mind and particularly important, you need to know how you like your eggs.

Having said all that I have learned a lot of things about myself in recent times:

  1. In a film about my life story I would choose Julia Roberts for the lead
  2. Yellow draws me in like a moth, I particularly adore yellow sweet things, and anything lemony
  3. Fun is more important to me at work than money
  4. I really don’t like being alone
  5. My favourite kind of food is barbeque, i.e., meat, fish, salad
  6. If friends are not to hand to cheer you up, housework/karaoke/loud music/knitting/gardening/rolling on stash yarn/looking at knitting books/decent bath stuff/a loyal and sturdy cat are good for making you feel better about almost anything
  7. My Grandparents were right about how to live
  8. Chocolate is an essential vitamin and is required daily in order for humans to survive
  9. Change is okay, changing your mind is fine, feel free to adapt
  10. Being independent is the most satisfying achievement of all



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