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Marbles In A Jar – Progress!

Hello all!

I wrote a while back about my marble motivation idea.

Since then, I have been observing my progress, and wanted to report back to you my findings.

The jar has been operational since June 9th, so that’s nearly 20 days.

My points list has been motivational for some items but not at all for others. I was wondering what I could do to improve my performance, and think to see if there are any other categories I could include that I might have overlooked.

I have racked up points for cleaning the kitchen before bed, walking to the station, flossing, reading, going to the gym and weighing myself. Some of the categories have happened just the once in 3 weeks, and this is to be expected, you would not clean your windows as often as you floss.

The categories I have failed to do once are:

  • meditating
  • museum trip
  • run
  • sew up some knitting (I haven’t finished anything)
  • under budget
  • walk home

I don’t think this is too bad seeing as I had 27 items on my list. It is quite complicated to make the budget thing work, I need to think on this more, also I’ve been planning a museum trip but I can’t fit it in until August due to a busy schedule. I am having a birthday BBQ for Amber, so that takes priority.

So very pleased with the extra motivation resulting in my noticeable improvements in daily (almost!) walking to the station, flossing, reading, phoning the people I love and cleaning the kitchen before bedtime.

The marbles definitely were sufficient to make me remind myself I need to do things because they make me happy and to make sure I prioritised myself, made the time and put in the effort. I have read two whole books!

I was thinking about adding some categories:

  • not eating sweets
  • BBQ
  • blow drying my hair
  • tidying round
  • packing bag the night before
  • eating sufficient greens at dinner
  • cooking a new recipe
  • house improvements
  • paying off extra on the mortgage
  • eating fruit on weekend
  • bathing the cat
  • crafting (ie non-knitting)

The other lesson I learned yesterday, which surprised me but made me very pleased to have gotten to the root of it, was that I don’t always spend my time producing what I am supposed to do.

In work, my colleague gave me an overview of his work, it was like, during the week my role involves these tasks and I spend x hours doing this; and I wrote my equivalent list out. I was a bit shocked at how much time I spend just trying to find things out, and how so much research has deflected my prioritisation skills, or lack of. I am still musing on how to solve this one, and will report back once I have made sense of my ideas – I feel like Winnie the Pooh as I am having a deep think right now….or could my problem be just that, I simply think too much.


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