Skyscrapers and String

Fire Drill!

Hello everyone!

I had such a wonderful time dancing to the Black Crowes playing yesterday at Hard Rock Calling I broke my holiday sandals. Lunchtime, I managed to find some new ones, I think these will be better than the others.

Isn’t it funny how that happens in life! You try to do the right thing, have it go wrong, and then what easily comes to you in place of what you wanted is superior by far.

Thinking back to those various days where my life changed I can see there was a momentum to the fate I couldn’t have avoided.

It all works out for the best.

Following a referral from another blog, I have started to read a book recently called “Get Your S*% Together”, and in all honesty I really needed to hear the tough love message from the book.

In a recent post I wrote about relationships, and how two people can lead each other astray, and in my life, I am surrounded by kind people who just want to see me hapy, so I am quite indulged and spoilt.

Sometimes you need a fire drill to put your plans into action and get in gear!

So this evening, I am looking at my knitting stash, my patterns, and having a think about how to get going on all my myriad projects.

After the gym though, I am sweltering on a packed train heading towards a workout. Go me!


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