Skyscrapers and String

Friday Finishing!

Hello everyone!

It’s Friday and I have the house to myself. You can’t hear a single thing. My cat is sitting next to me on a cushion of its own.

I have just finished the blue squares scarf, am on a mission to finish things after discovering I have so many project ready to start last weekend!

The colours in this scarf are hypnotic. I plan to take the remains on holiday with me to make a sideways knitted stripy shawl. I have some more skeins of the same yarn in white, so it will look jaunty and nautical, hopefully!

Here are some pictures, please note the scarf still needs blocking:



Today I plan to start by taking a long bath, then I shall whizz round the house cleaning and tidying (which won’t take too long) and then I am going to look at Sarah’s tea cosy, which I plan to finish this weekend.

The weather is supposed to be scorching this weekend, it will be nice to have some sunshine!

Next week I am going to see a Naturopath, which is quite exciting and glamorous. Their office is in central London near Oxford Circus, apparently they look at your eyes and tongue and so on and can advise on how to get into best shape through what you eat and drink. It is a special deal through my work, who are very good, sponsoring Knitting Club, offering Bikram yoga, wonderful massages and talks on avoiding stress etc. during your lunch break.

A friend has recently converted to goats milk after finding out they couldn’t tolerate regular milk and is glowing with health. It makes me feel all Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow and diva- ish thinking I’ll be able to go all faddy about food, wear Birkenstocks, and say “please, no bacon sandwiches for me, can I have a beetroot and celery juice with some alfalfa sprouts”. As if.

I am only going out of curiosity. Plus Jon is coming to meet me after and we’re going for dinner.

In order be able to go, you have to send a copy of any recent blood tests, and fill in a food diary. I even had to say which make of cod liver oil I take. I did confess that I only take it when I remember to. Writing a food diary is quite funny, when you eat completely randomly, as I do lol.

I hope you all have a jolly day! If anything interesting happens, I will report back!


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