Skyscrapers and String

Naturopathy and Knitting!

Hello all!

The weather in London continues to blaze! It is lovely to feel warm right to your bones.

Today has been exciting! I built a sharepoint website for our Knitting Club, with an infopath form for new members to fill in, and a library for pictures of our handiwork. It went live just before I left for the day!

We also had a new knitter join Club, she also blogs so I’ll enjoy checking her blog when I get home!

I am out late on a schoolnight! How naughty! Well actually, its the opposite as I am having a Consultation with a Naturopath! It has been exciting so far, I told her everything ever, and am in the waiting area due to be called back to be given my diagnosis. Jon has come to meet me, he is in the pub opposite. He is in a good mood, we are going to the Cay Tre Soho when this finishes. Their beef carpaccio is sublime. I am quite famished now lol.

Oh by the way, Sarah loved her tea cosy! We sat by the fountains lunchtime it was idyllic!

Well I’ll say bye for now, and will update you tomorrow on what they tell me!


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