Skyscrapers and String

Friday No Dairy

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re enjoying your Friday!

Today I was due to be visited by a man from the big carpet store chain to quote for flooring to finish off my kitchen. I am tripping on the torn Lino now and it’s getting silly, plus it’s hard to clean.

At 10 am I rang to ask why there was a no show and was told the fitter had the day off, and I said they had no manners.

Ironically the local carpet shop posted a leaflet advertising their services, and it must be four weeks since they came round and no revised quote thanks for trying to rip me off the first time.

Anyway, today is Day 2 of no dairy, I got up, I could barely get bathed and dressed I felt so tired I went back to bed after waiting for the carpet man until 10. What bliss to lie in bed undisturbed all day. I don’t know if the tiredness is due to my liver restarting or coping better and the shock of no caffeine, no sugar and no dairy, but I feel happy enough otherwise.

Jon is home early, he took a load of stuff to the tip for me, he is definitely in my good books. He is in the kitchen now making a Levi Roots “mackerel run down” for dinner. What a star! I am thinking about knitting in a bit, lounging on the sofa with my cat, both of us pretty much look like this:



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