Skyscrapers and String

30 Degrees, Silk and Swimming

Hello all!

It’s supposed to be 30 degrees so I’m heading for the pool shortly.

Also, it’s Amber’s 4 day trip for “Pathways to Law” Conference, so I’m trying not to miss her already too much! I really don’t like goodbyes, even little ones. I know I’ll cry.

When my dear friend Ali came round to say good bye before moving to Bristol I cried for hours after she left. Just remembering how I felt, all those years ago, I’m dabbing at my eyes again now.

That was a big goodbye. I’ve done so many of those now you think I’d be hardened up, but no. I guess if you’re cursed with a really big heart you feel too much and will always be too soft and feel too greatly.

I slept all day yesterday. I thought I was hibernating at one point. Apparently there’s a morphine like substance in milk and you can get withdrawal symptoms that can be quite severe. It’s in the milk to make sure babies come back to their mothers apparently.

Today I feel great though, the cat is on my lap, I have swifted 4 skeins of yarn, and I’m off for a swim after Amber is installed on a train. Cards for her birthday have been arriving this week. How weird not to be with her on her birthday on Monday!

The Stereophonics have been playing as I swiffered a weekends worth of yarn.

My hayfever symptoms are getting less, can it be the reduction in Dairy? My body feels great. I know it’s early days but Jon and Amber are really supportive, that rundown Jon cooked last night was glorious. God bless Levi Roots.




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  1. * Chris says:

    Bless you with your big heart! It’s what makes you very special, have a lovely day and try not to worry!


    | Reply Posted 5 years ago
    • * jengolightly says:

      So kind! Thankyou! Xxxx


      | Reply Posted 5 years ago

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