Skyscrapers and String

Sunrise And Thoughts Of Home

Morning everyone!

I have been up for a bit, I’m watching and hearing and feeling so many different things, again I am installed on the bench at the front, nature is rolling in front of me.

The horizon is shrouded in mist, but I can see for miles. There is a family of magpies playing in the grass and a beautiful pair of crows have swooped past on their iridescent black wings and they are on the grass before me.

Birdsong of every kind is infront and behind and overhead, it has a stereo quality with deep and high notes, the melody of the fountain playing across the piece.

Yesterday was great fun, I laughed, joked and played and to be honest, even though I hate being away from home I am with my work family, and I do love my job and my friends here, so the homesickness I was dreading is really not so potent.

Look at this oak tree. It is bathed in light pouring down from dawn’s rosy fingers.

I have my knitting with me, I can sit here and gaze at the same view enjoyed from this spot for centuries. I have my knitting, I can put the love I feel for my daughter into every stitch.

We killed ourselves laughing over nothing much, just silliness really yesterday, of course, being a corporate event I had plenty to drink and my sides are still hurting from on particular event in the evening late on when I alleged that one chaps feet which were on display in flipflops had a Hobbit like quality, it was a childish jibe and his outrage just tipped me into hysterics.

Anyway, just get through today and I can get back home. Everything I did to help set up the event has gone well, so it’s job done really. Home soon. Home to my family and my cat and my little house and peace.

I’ll miss this great house though. I can imagine the fine ladies in their beautiful dresses who lived here in the past, their carriages and simple lives, and the gentlemen hunting in the fields around, the balls and parties and dancing.

Just think of how it felt to stand here next to the balustrades and know all this is yours.



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