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Partying With Friends, Not According To Plan

Hello everyone!

Ever have one of those times when nothing goes to plan?

I planned a BBQ for today, it was like a military operation this week; Amber had a 4 day conference at Warwick University, her 17th birthday was on Monday so no presents or cards for her, this was compounded by me going to Cheshire for three days leaving on the day she came home. The BBQ was planned for today, which involved me making two shopping lists and having two grocery deliveries in two days so we could have the party without food spoiling in the heat.

We coped with the packing, the lists, the travelling, the stress over catching trains and buses on time, and both went off and returned without a hitch.

Face Time allowed me to speak to Amber face to face on her birthday, although it was very poignant as we missed each other so much. There was a disco for 250 people on her birthday, so she wore her lovely yellow birthday dress and had a splendid day after all!

Also, I was able to Face Time with Jon, Amber and Woozle whilst I was away, and she was returned home.

Anyhow, I felt queasy on the way back from Cheshire and suspected it was the inability to keep to my eating plan, and the overindulgence in wine taking its toll. My stomach was bloated and painful on the train home, I had no appetite, and felt all out of sorts. Friday I slept too much, Saturday I had the hairdressers, and I was delighted to be home and looking forward to today’s party.

At the hairdressers I felt dreadful, sitting up hurt as my stomach was so gassy and bloated. I came home looking fab and had a light dinner and headed for bed. At 2am the stomach flu kicked in and I was up all night, I was still being ill when the shopping arrived.

Jon and Amber prepped all the food and got everything ready, I had a bath and put on a pretty dress and makeup. I lay down until the guests started to arrive and sipped water and coke throughout the party. Luckily everything went well and no one minded me not eating.

Yesterday I had stevia syrup on my porridge and this can cause upsets if you are sensitive to it, I think that was the final straw to my tortured insides.

The company today was so jolly, and I was gradually feeling better, so when Jon did his usual trick of pretending to steal the trifle and have it for himself, we managed to tell him off and wrestle it back for us to share (this always happens when we have a party and is part of the usual pranks). I felt so much better by then I had a tiny bowlful. I stopped feeling so ill and later managed a few crisps!

Now everyone has gone, I feel so much better after a few hours sleep after the last guests left, and I am now enjoying a cup of tea. My cat helps by sitting on me. The house is neat and all the washing up is done.

It is so nice to not feel ill! We take it for granted to be well! I feel so grateful for my wonderful family and friends, and delighted to just feel back to normal (ish).

I hope you’ve all had a super weekend! Woozle is partied out!



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  1. * jordie808 says:

    omg love your cat!!!! meow!!!! so pretty and well kept


    | Reply Posted 4 years, 11 months ago
    • * jengolightly says:

      Thankyou! X


      | Reply Posted 4 years, 11 months ago

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