Skyscrapers and String

Friday Knitting Plans!

Hello everyone!

It’s the weekend yaay!

Today I have been really busy. I got up at the crack of dawn, tidied, did laundry, zoomed about cleaning. My windows are sparkling and I have clean net curtains.

Although it was a bit grey outside, after my nap at 3pm I ventured out to get some more folders (for knitting patterns) and other supplies, and now the sun is out and I am proud of my shiny house!

Finally the laundry mountain is finished, all my clothes are clean, and I have a full cupboard of towels.

I learned something new this week, after searching the Internet for a cure for the odd smell emanating from my washing machine when we came home from our trip. Apparently where I have been all for the current fad for washing clothes on a cold wash has led to a build up of bacteria which left for two weeks caused the yucky niff. The way to put an end to this is to use old fashioned Ariel detergent powder and a 60 degree wash regularly, and as this powder contains an antibacterial agent and bleach, the heat and the chemicals kill the mould in the machine.

I’ve been following the advice and it works really well!

It was pretty daunting coming home to so much housework, but Fly Lady says to just tackle things in baby steps and to persist, and now I’ve been home all week I am starting to get to a place where I can feel pleased with a clean house. I still have quite a bit of sorting and putting away upstairs, but I’ll see to that once I have sat down for a bit.

During my holiday I completed three projects, and now I’m home, I am itching to start something new.

A white shawl, in quite thick soft yarn, a ballet slipper pink cardigan, some gloves, a new hat, a cream cardigan, and a mustard cable cardigan. Ooh if you didn’t know I had so much wool in my stash you would say, go ahead!

Pulling myself back to reality, I have dutifully brought down the blue cardigan I am in the middle of, and I’m going to finish that first.

Also, I have a couple of things to block, I can get that done this weekend.

Woozle seems really happy we’re home, she is still climbing Jon’s cupboard (“The Tower”) every day, it’s about 8 feet high. Don’t know how she manages to heft herself up!



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