Skyscrapers and String

Dandelion Coffee and Craft Cotton

Hello everyone!

I hope you’re having a jolly week.

My head is still all over the place, and although I feel like I am surrounded with confusion, I am quite happy. Life is not always settled, and it certainly doesn’t always go according to plan, however you have to learn resilience, and remind yourself of your blessings daily. I have Jon, Amber and Woozle, my Aunties, and wonderful friends.

Also I am booked on classes in October at Loop, so every Autumn weekend will be a yarns one! Hurrah!

Jon’s shop opened today, it took a year to go from idea to open. I worked from home, it rained all day, so our decorator couldn’t do the outside painting and logging in remotely is a giant faff about.

Never mind. I have diligently worked hard all day, now I have logged off and am having a quiet sit down.

My dear cat broke my owl vase, so the replacement I ordered this week arrived in a box. She sat on the box.

This week I found a pair of wonderful turquoise Chinese cats on eBay and snapped them up, such a bargain, and they arrived, the cat is also sitting on the box, which is on top of the other box now. When Jon gets in he can undo them. I always shred boxes, I am a nightmare.

My lovely Naturopath, Louise, advised I drink dandelion coffee. I bought some even though I was thinking it would be ghastly, but no! It is actually really tasty. It is like coffee and not at all like coffee at the same time.

I have knitting beside me, Amber’s cardigan is my project for the weekend. It is great that the weather has cooled down, knitting with a silk/ wool mix is extremely sticky and fluffy in the heat!

What to make next is the big question. I have lots of wool, I am thinking a burgundy Uxbridge Cardigan.

Only, mine will be somewhat more colourful. I have ideas about this cardigan!!!


Also I treated myself to some dishcloth cotton, I have a ball each in Ecru and White. I have a stash of cotton odds and ends and using the vivid colours together gives me a headache. If I make borders or stripes with the bright shade, I can make the middles with the ecru or white.

Also, I plan to make a set of these babies:

20130822-175027.jpg, I have bought the pattern book, it has loads of wonderful crochet accessories. It’s called Crochet Living.

What are you planning to make?

I have so much wool, I was thinking perhaps I could use it in order of make, ie, Rowan, Nimu, etc.., or by age of time I’ve had it in my stash (that would give me brain ache!), or by colour, or weight! So much choice! My head spins!

Amber has baked a lemon drizzle cake today, it is cooling. I have a pile of recipe books by my side, I have ingredients for dinner, and am looking to jazz it up a bit. Nigella can be relied on to colour up my cooking!

Anyhow, I haven’t knit a stitch all day, I must pick up my needles!

Here is a picture of my cat, perched, ironically on a box called “Monster Claws”. If you’ve ever had my cat on your lap you would know the truth of that!!



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