Skyscrapers and String


Hello everyone!

I hope you’re all having a happy week! For those of you that are not having such a great time, here is a hug.

It is lousy when everyone is doing well and you feel rotten. Or when everything is going along fine but you’re discontented.

One of the things life has taught me is to try to be generous where you can and have some understanding for the sufferings of others. When I was at my lowest, people I didn’t even know would almost magically appear, like angels, and they would see my distress and be kind and care for me. I don’t know what I would have done without the compassion of others during my darkest times..

This week, someone confided in me about a series of tragic events they went through without telling anybody. Although that was some years ago, I felt so very sad for them as it struck me how awful that must have been. Even though I find that person quite difficult sometimes, and I’m not even sure if they like me that much to be honest, my heart went into my mouth and I completely felt for their pain. Now I feel what I can only describe as a protective love for them, because I wish they will be protected from any more suffering, however unlikely that I might be able to protect them.

Another friend last week had a dreadful thing happen, shocking, it was a brutal attack. From a friend they trusted.

A wise friend told me once not to judge or envy other people who appear to have everything, as it might be just a facade, and they might be dealing with any kind of difficulty you don’t know about. I had never thought of that before.

Over the last couple of weeks I have also had the pleasure in meeting a lot of work colleagues in meetings who have been facing a lot of challenges, both physical and emotional. Just giving them the voice to open up and say what they wanted to say, and undertaking to try to help and feeling part of a movement for good in the world is a wonderful honour.

My heart and my soul feel bigger than before. I feel more peace than before. I walked home tonight with such light steps, and feeling such fulfilment as never before.

How is this possible? I am no different, all I’ve done is have some conversations.

I read once that Buddhists actively practice radiating compassionate thoughts, and when their brains are monitored during their sessions, they glow all over, where all parts of their mind are working together in selflessly wishing for freedom from worry, or fear for others.

This is the only way to describe how I feel today, I am glowing.


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