Skyscrapers and String

Hat Class Homework!

Hello everyone!

I hope you’ve had a splendid week! It’s Friday, so hopefully most of us can relax for the weekend.

This week has been edge of the seat anticipation, crazy nerves, and haring around, following five separate hour long meetings with the different groups of disabled colleagues across the UK and Channel Islands, over three weeks, and all the email exchanges afterwards, and I had to race to condense all their priorities into one decent slide for Monday’s Steerco meeting.

My company has a lot to do to get things right for my new friends, however, it has said it is committed to action, and I’m the girl to make sure it happens.

When you’re disabled, you’ll probably be the only one you know about in your office. Especially if you have a hidden impairment, such as autism or dyslexia. You’ll have no one who knows how you feel, or who shares your experiences. Outside of work, you may still not know anyone like you, ever.

This feeling of isolation can lead to fearfulness, powerlessness, and low self esteem.

The powerful thing I’ve done, is to introduce everyone to their counterparts. I have given a voice to a discriminated against minority, who probably didn’t ever feel the sensation of safety in numbers until now. And boy, they are energised and ready to speak up together!

One managing director said “I’ve waited 34 years to have this meeting”. I felt so overjoyed to build this project and hear that, I could have wept with delight.

I now feel like I have created something with its own life force, that has it’s own purpose and momentum, and now I just have to help it along a bit more and it will be done with me.

On a woolly note, last week I went to a Hat Design Class run by Juju Vail, who is a supremely talented knitwear designer and teacher.

I promised I’d knit up my design, for a hat with a crochet brim, and a knitted top. By Tuesday I realised I’d better make a start. I’ve been lost in crochet bag making, in knitting dishcloths, I have had a super time of it really! I pulled my Berroco Lodge yarn remnants out, grabbed a crochet hook, and made the brim.



As you can see, I used a circular needle to pick up stitches and used a fishermans rib to form the hat from the band.


It took hardly any time, and the journey to and from the pool passed happily!

When I came home, I cast off then added some beads:





Tomorrow I’ll finish it with a pompom!


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