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Trying Too Hard

My daughter has a favourite book from when she was small, it’s called “Judy the Bad Fairy”, by Martin Waddell.

I am sure a lot of children’s books have an uplifting theme, or a moral or whatever, but this one doesn’t (unless I am a bit dim and missed it lol, which is entirely possible!). I do urge anyone reading this with a nipper to get a copy from Amazon or whatever, it is a very good book, particularly if you act out the parts with funny voices etc.

Basically, without giving away the plot, Judy is put in the position of having to try too hard, and going against her nature to obey others.

We have all come across situations in real life where you end up thinking, “I am trying too hard. This isn’t working for me.”

I feel like that. I feel like I could just give up on lots of things because the pressure of the consistent level of effort is just too great. For example, I am really bored with flossing my teeth. It’s the repetition. It’s killing my spirit.

My difficulty is that I know I can’t get what I want. I am trying to concentrate on those things that please me, and trying to distract myself away from the elephants in the room. Because I am constantly returning to frustration and annoyance, it makes it hard for me to see clearly what I should do instead.

Some of the things I want I can never have. How do you deal with that? Surely everyone copes with not having things, it is the nature of life.

In Jane Eyre, Helen Burns talks about one’s duty to bear your lot in life, the injustices, or whatever you are faced with. I’m feeling done with that.

Sometimes I just want to run away as I am so trapped. All my friends are leaving one by one from where I work, and today the best bit of my entire job just upset me so much I came home in tears.

Trying too hard doesn’t get you anywhere. Sometimes you have to cut your losses and move on.


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  1. OMG.. you had the same type of day as me…. good thing is.. it can only get better…. 🙂


    | Reply Posted 4 years, 6 months ago
    • * jengolightly says:

      Thankyou Julie!!! Xxx


      | Reply Posted 4 years, 6 months ago

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