Skyscrapers and String

Wandering About

Hello everyone!

My mum’s social worker rang me today, apparently mum has started leaving the house and wandering about. She doesn’t know where she is and my dad is in a wheelchair, so he can’t exactly go after her.

Apparently they have told social services they have no relatives, which doesn’t square with the hall full of pictures of children and grandchildren. My name is going as a contact on the alert device they are fitting my mum with in case she gets lost.

How things go round.

So much has happened to me in my life, I have gone from one extreme to another, from wild joy to sinking despair. I have been homeless and poor, I have walked out of a shitty job into the snow in tears and two years later been made redundant from a job I loved and the entire department walked out with me in solidarity. I’ve also been headhunted where I was offered double what I asked for to change jobs.

However, everyone I’ve ever loved has loved me back, and not many people can claim that.

Tomorrow is knitting club. I love club, it is like an oasis of calm in a busy week.

I sent a note out to everyone on the mailing list today to see if they wanted to still be on the knitting club members list, and everyone did apart from one lady who has never come along after asking to join a year ago. I got so many wonderful emails back from people who love club. It is a super thing to do, to start something people love.

About our poppy fundraising efforts, applying for matched funding from work is easy to do, but to actually get them to pay out, surprisingly that part of the process is not transparent at all. I got an email today saying the matched funding had been approved, I am so relieved!

I hope your week is going well so far, I hope none of your relatives are wandering about. I hope you are being treated, and looked after. I have loads of wool, we are all well, and Jon is in my good books. It’s good here.


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  1. * alisonsye says:

    Glad you sorted the fundraising out.


    | Reply Posted 5 years ago
    • * jengolightly says:

      Thanks Alison! So much responsibility when you run something for charity! I was quite nervous walking with the cash to the bank and everything lol! X


      | Reply Posted 5 years ago

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