Skyscrapers and String

A Clash Of Lists

Hello all!

Those of you who read my blog or know me in real life will attest to the fact that I do too many things in bits all the time. This applies to work, craft, anything.

My take on this is that I am never bored, I always have something I can do that pleases me, and that it enables me to turn out a huge volume of things consistently.

For example, on Ravely, you’ll see this year I have turned out about 35 things so far (some are multiples, like the poppies and preemie hats for charity).

Rather dauntingly, my Ravelry queue has about 460 things in it, and my library shows I have over 9000 patterns.

Also, since I built my wool corner in my living room, I seem to have a lot of wool knocking about. Especially since the Loop wool sale!

I also have a lot of books I haven’t read.

Recently, I scrawled a list of things I want to finish or make ASAP. I want all of these right now.

To finish:

  1. Amber’s blue silk cardi
  2. pink lace cardi for me
  3. lace edging for Mother of Dragons shawl
  4. Mod draining mat
  5. French ladies bag – add handles and lining
  6. beaded purse – add lining and clasp
  7. robin embroidery
  8. crochet blanket

Queue to make:

  1. iris beaded shawl
  2. sewn patchwork something
  3. sasha slippers
  4. owl kit
  5. mitts
  6. Peach washcloths
  7. log cabin washcloths
  8. crochet wrap with sparkles
  9. black slouch hat
  10. sparkle hat
  11. purple chevron something
  12. red sampler blanket

As you can see, it is a bit substantial, a hefty task list.

I also have some Pinterest boards, and two scrap books full of pictures and sketches, plus 13 folders of patterns cut out from magazines.

I also take pictures of things I like to review.

How do you sort yourself?










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