Skyscrapers and String

Wednesday Hump Day

Hello everyone!

I am in a very jolly mood today, I went back to work, things there are great fun, I got loads of stuff done and we had Knitting Club. You know I love Knitting Club and the manager at Costa loves us back, he gave us free cake, a nice ginger muffin, it was so yummy!

We sat knitting and laughing and chatting about the funny events in the world. I am making some socks for my lovely Auntie, Russ and Helen were crocheting squares, and we were all looking at our giant collection of preemie hats. We had 26 in the end, which is not bad as we were riding on the back of our huge poppy charity binge. Louise is taking the hats to the premature babies ward at the Royal London hospital on Friday, when she takes her Nipper for his one year check up.


This morning, as I stood at the furthest bus stop, sweating and cursing myself for going back to work, a woman appeared with her three offspring in tow. The smallest one had a whistle, and was trying to play “Jingle Bells” over and over and over and over, using one screeching note. I glared repeatedly at the child and the mother to no avail, apparently no one cares anymore about how their children’s behaviour is appallingly irritating to strangers.

When I got home tonight and told Jon, he suggested I should have taken the whistle and stamped on it. I love him! Wouldn’t it be liberating to just do that!

My place of work is undergoing a lot of change. Some folk think not for the better, I am keen to see what transpires. It is very satisfying to feel happy in myself, and not in fear of change. I know that whatever happens I will be ok.

It’s two years yesterday since I lost my Grandad, and I do miss him still, however I’m ok, my grief no longer provides a cloud across my life. If I wake up in the night, it’s not guilt and regret, it’s just, “wow this bed is soft, I like it here”.

I have a very jolly day in front of me tomorrow, and then it’s the weekend! My pink cardigan is nearly finished. It is such thick aran weight yarn it knits up really quickly.

See, even my cat is relaxed, my germs are clearing, everything is fine. I hope things are good with you all too.



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  1. * happycat13 says:

    I love the basket of baby hats! Here in the U.S., we have an organization called, “Stitches from the Heart”. I have been working on hats and booties for babies born in rural hospitals where the funding is meager. Crocheting is my thing, but I learning to knit is on my “bucket list”.

    Your kitty is precious! Enjoy your weekend!


    | Reply Posted 4 years, 7 months ago
    • * jengolightly says:

      Thank you! Here in the UK there is a charity called BLISS for charity premature baby knits, however before you can look at a single word on their website you have to pay upfront £35 which is probably $70! Luckily for us we have Ravelry with free patterns.


      | Reply Posted 4 years, 7 months ago

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