Skyscrapers and String

The Life Of Pi

Hello all,

One of Jon’s friends wrote a hilarious Facebook post (which turned into a brilliant comedy conversation regarding how one should address as Tiger in a boat as “Sir”etc,) about the film of The Life of Pi.

During the course of my confinement to quarters due to pleurisy (which is not funny) I thought in a very bored moment that I should watch said film, although I had zero interest in the subject and would certainly not bother with the book. But when you’re ill, and enjoying repeats of “Lovejoy” you realise you are very bored indeed and such films do arouse curious interest, viz, what happens other than the obvious when a Tiger and a boy are in a boat with nothing to eat. And it is a free download.

So I sat in my chair, and pressed the buttons to download the film and started watching it. I had my knitting in hand and was only watching with half an eye, when I realised after about an hour there were no Tigers or boats and the boy in the film I was watching played Kurt in Glee, and I was patently not watching a film set in India.

Ok, so when I stopped the film I could see I’d made a mistake – it was “Struck by Lightning!”. Durr! Thank god I hadn’t pressed the wrong button on something at work! So I paid attention and downloaded the correct film, and sure enough there were scenes of India and a zoo, a boy and a Tiger.

Then I got to the bit with the boy and the boat, after everyone had died horribly, but there was no Tiger, just the boy, a zebra, an orang utan and a hyena then the animals started dying and eating each other and the boy was so fricken useless I just got annoyed and switched it off.

You can’t beat Lovejoy.

Anyhow, I thought I’d show you the huge ladder from the bit of knitting I did yesterday which I’ve just had to fix:

Although I was keen to knit this cardi I am a bit bored already. Oh dear! Lol!


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