Skyscrapers and String

Addicted To Noro

Hello everyone!

I felt a bit better this morning but I’ve overdone it and am sitting down, fighting to stay awake. All I did was strip the bed!

Let’s talk about my naughty addiction to Noro. Last year, I bought two skeins of Kochoran and then 9 skeins of Rowan Cocoon to make a stripy cardi, but used the Kochoran up on a hat and cowl. I have tried to use the Cocoon this weekend as it is thick and posh but it is the most boring stuff to knit with, it is like turning down Darcy to marry Mr Collins.

You might remember my giant charity wool binge in October at Loop, where I triumphantly carted off several armfuls of yarn, including a dozen balls of Noro. This wool has been calling on me in my knitting corner, so I cast on last night. What bliss!


I am making a top down raglan cardigan, it is simple and perfect!

Thinking about how much more I enjoy knitting with Noro, more than any other yarn, I was wondering if, rather than motivating myself with marbles in a jar, I might be more induced to do things if a Noro yarn were the prize? Well, I’d better get well first methinks. All I can do today is type this then slope off to bed again.

Also we have started decorating our tree, and Amber has been doing the decorations, thankfully our cat is fast asleep!

My addition to the room decor is a new knitting snowman, my daughter is not impressed, she says he is skiing and not knitting. I asked if he is knitting, there where are his skis then? Huh? Lol.



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  1. Love the Noro yarn, and of course how you have knitted it…. but have to say you are both right about the snowman. he is knitting on ski poles 🙂


    | Reply Posted 4 years, 7 months ago
    • * jengolightly says:

      Lol! I will get my pencil sharpener out!!!!


      | Reply Posted 4 years, 7 months ago

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