Skyscrapers and String

Secret Santa!

Shhh! I am making some mittens for a dear friend at Knitting Club! The pattern is called “Honeycomb Mitts” from Simply Knitting in April 2011. It is in my special folder of best patterns.

Here you can see them in progress.


I am hoping the cheery red yarn will find favour with my friend. I want to keep them, so nothing new there!

These must be made quickly for next week so they are plain, however I have been thinking how to add some beads for my pair. Hmmm.

Today during a lunchbreak I finished the last couple of Christmas cards for my neighbours. Phew!

Jon posted the gifts for my Aunties, and the cd for my friend in Bristol. I hope her girls have glitter hairspray for dancing in. I have some upstairs.

Here you can see my cat, who was annoyed at my working today.


For dinner we are having Smoked Haddock Macaroni Cheese, I am quite pleased with my lack of energy to have managed to make something nice, I would have been happy with a yogurt. The smell however, is quite wonderful!

I am watching the tv series of Emma, by Jane Austen. It’s the version with Jonny Lee Miller. I love how they all wear beautiful gowns and eat lovely dinners by candlelight. When I am better I am going to make so much more of an effort with everything. The episode is the one with the ball. Perfect!

Have a lovely evening everyone!


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