Skyscrapers and String

Christmas Crafting

Hello everybody!

This week I have been working from home. I rarely do this as I dislike being by myself greatly.

One thing I’ve noticed, is I also miss my commute a lot.

Getting dressed, putting on lippy, scent, powder. Putting on my shawl and mittens. My brisk walk to the station, looking up at the sky and the clouds, breathing in the fresh air, noticing things.

The quiet crafting on the train, the bustle, the thrill of going into London, and travelling to the Wharf.

Then there is the final glory of emerging from the escalator into daylight and Reuters Plaza, the buildings, the delight in the spectacle of the skyscrapers and the water, the boundless sky, I love everything.

Today was fun nonetheless, I got lots done on my daughters laptop, meetings, all sorts.

Sitting by the window, my new scalloped curtains let me look out into my front garden, so I have the sun on my face and I can see the yellow jasmine flowering round my door and the cheery windowbox with cyclamen and winter pansies which look so wonderful and add so much colour now the roses have stopped.

In my lunchbreak I worked on my secret Santa gift, you can see here how it goes…


Also, my tree is looking lovely. Amber spent ages putting the decorations up. Each bauble has a beaded hook, it is a lot of work!


I am thinking the cat has enjoyed my company, here it sleeps amongst my new Noro magazines….


Must finish the red mittens! I have loved working on my new Noro cardigan, and want to get back to it! I have so many ideas !

I hope you’re having a jolly week!


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