Skyscrapers and String

Pink Cardigan Nearly Finished!

Hello everyone!

What a lovely but busy day! Have you had a super weekend so far?

I have been up since quite early today, Jon was out since 7am so I had a lie in, then got up and enjoyed the quiet. I need to finish my pink cardigan and had two pockets still to knit, so I set about getting them done. I am nearly finished on the second.

The cardi is in good shape, the buttons are on, the pockets make the last bit.

I’ve put some pictures below so you can see my progress.




Amber and I went out for a walk today as we needed milk, and I promised Amber some new Jammies. She posted our Christmas cards to our neighbours, then we headed out, me in my blue cashmere jumper, purple hat and patchwork hexagon scarf. I felt very smart.

We struck gold on Amber’s new pajamas, she is sporting her new Bambi top and leggings tonight, and has a complete weeks worth I think!

I was very pleased with my new coffee machine pods, however no matter how vast the supermarket, it appears lemon jelly is no longer being stocked anywhere :(.

A new larger tapestry frame was needed for my Woozle cross stitch kit, so I ordered that may, or may not come quickly! Our postman is so grumpy, I am sure it is due to my love of mail order and knitting magazine subscriptions!!

This afternoon, I have been tidying and knitting, it has been very domesticated. Tonight’s dinner was shepherds pie. Yummy if I say so myself!



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