Skyscrapers and String

Pie In The Sky

Hello everyone!

I hope your weekend has been fab so far! Some of my friends on Facebook have spent the entire day loafing indoors (this includes me), whereas others who are training for marathon or who made vows of fitness on New Years have been out in the howling rain and gales running about.

This afternoon I would have sold my entire stash for a Milky Way.

Work tomorrow has been on my mind more than usual, my Department is being restructured and changes are afoot. I have a few meetings which might prove illuminating.

Jon is in my good books, he has been finishing off the cupboard shelf type thing and skirting boards in the kitchen. It looks very smart, and I feel like I am actually getting somewhere indoors. All I want is a finished house. No gaps or missing bits, tidy cupboards, a nice garden, everything neat and in its place.

Today we have had a nap, although I didn’t nap for very long.

I was thinking, as I unravelled yesterday’s knitting, and put the pattern away (I was worried I didn’t have enough yarn), that hopefully my readers will understand the indecision of knitting. Sometimes, optimism calls yarn and needles together, and a night’s reflection causes the burning need to undo and start over. A lot of my knitting planning is simply pie in the sky.

What I want to make are some fancy floaty garments which use my nice wool, and are not structured, to wear like shawls with sleeves as layering pieces. I have a couple of patterns in my queue in Ravelry. One is $8, which is outrageous, and the other is a gorgeous shrug design, however, the large number of people who have made the shrug are either silent on the subject of errata, (which means they are either patient as saints/ instinctive geniuses of knitting/or friends of the designer) or they have complained at length about the number of mistakes, and have stated that they have written all over the pattern and had an absolute nightmare working out what to do.

So, having the pattern for the second shrug, so I can see the sizes of the parts, I am winging it.

If this turns out nice, I will riff on this idea and make a few more. I discovered when I tidied my cupboard that I have a vast number of standard cardigans, but could do with something between a cardi and a shawl. I am thinking I can use my lace knitting skills, the items will be basically rectangles with lace edges. They can be crochet and or knitting, I can bead them, or make them out of crochet modules. I think the idea has some promise!

Here you can see the crochet and knit edging for the sleeve, I am working this shrug side to side.



As usual, my cat jumped up to help itself to my cold drinking water whilst my hands were full.


Here’s as far as I got before bedtime:



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  1. * roma1912 says:

    Knitting, an unfinished house & a nap are you living my life ? lol


    | Reply Posted 4 years, 5 months ago
    • * jengolightly says:

      Lol! Excellent! I am not alone!


      | Reply Posted 4 years, 5 months ago
  2. * Sandi says:

    My cat does that! You cannot leave a water glass unsupervised in our house.


    | Reply Posted 4 years, 5 months ago

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