Skyscrapers and String

Friday, Valentines, Endless Rain and Sweet Red Tiles

Happy Valentines Day everybody!

I don’t know where today has gone. One minute I was in the bath, then I was dressed and knitting, now it’s 5pm and my kitchen magically has tiles all across the back of the sink!

I have had a long chat with my dear friend on the phone, and I have knitted one mitten using the leftover scraps from my cross stitch robin kit. They are toasty and warm! I can’t wait to wear them.


Here you can see the sweet vintage knitting pattern that arrived this morning, it is in very skinny wool on a very slender lady. I really love the stitch pattern, it reminds me of wood panelling, or of elizabethan designs, or of church windows. I might make it for myself, using thicker yarn.


Jon has worked really hard on our kitchen, but there’s loads more to do yet! The new tiles are shiny and red and they look smashing! We still have to do all the decorating, painting the walls and the woodwork. I have made Jon stop and have a rest! It’s Valentine’s day after all!


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