Skyscrapers and String

Reorganising Things!

Hello everyone!

Work has gone a bit daft, the long overdue reorganisation has imploded and now we are all a bit lost, waiting for announcements. The office was again too hot, I had to called the premises Helpdesk and even though I had spoken to the same person every day on the same issue, apparently they get reprimanded if they don’t ask the same questions each time.

One of my friends in Knitting Club today was really very upset that Premises had also increased the price on all items in the little pantry on the 7th floor. She could quote them. I have never eaten there, everything is ghastly. And we have every kind of wonderful food here at Canary Wharf.

Just a few steps across the road in the mall opposite there is everything. Fish finger wraps. Eggs Benedict. All day breakfast. Black pasta with seafood sauce. Tagine. For £5 I can get a custom while you wait duck and pomegranate salad, or fifteen kinds of sushi, or if you’re really hungry, or a boy, there’s Katsu curry for £4.50. A prawn and crayfish salad rammed with the little pink crustaceans for £3.50.

Anyway, enough of cooking. Our cooker broke tonight, the oven wouldn’t light. Jon turned off the gas and had a really good look and something had pulled the wire from the ignition. I was stressed. Jon just shooed me out of the way and in 5 minutes, it was re connected and back working. Jon is a genius. He does do this kind of thing all day at work, connecting wires and stuff, but I didn’t think of that.

Knitting Club is so populous we are now two weekly sessions, Wednesday and Thursday, and today we set up a small offshoot branch in New York. Amazing!

Also, I am very much enjoying a new blog Apartment Therapy Main. I have picked up some amazing ideas, the articles are bang on trend. Two days ago they featured a question from a reader about how to store her nail varnishes – exactly my issue too – and their suggestion was from a UK based company. My nail varnish vanity came yesterday, today I had the fun of sorting the colours and filling it. You get 48 slots, which was just enough!





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