Skyscrapers and String

A Bit Tired, But Happy Actually!

Hello everyone!

This week has been fab! Admittedly there have been a few stressful moments, such as when my new boss started asking me how long it will take me to complete a project where I don’t even have the bits I need to start the next phase. Hmmm.

After work, Jon and I have started swimming. I love rushing to the pool, even though the trains are packed, and the weather is a bit chilly coming home, and once you’re in it’s basically eat then bedtime.

Amber walks with me through the park in the morning, we are enjoying the bright green willow buds and leaves, the swathes of yellow daffodils, the birdsong, and best of all the huge blue sky and fluffy white clouds.

My legs feel very strong and for those gym goers you will understand me when I say I feel it in my gluteus maximus!

All this exercise is a bit tiring, I wonder when it will go from tiring to feeling fit and lively.

Today we all met up in Upminster at Costa for a giant Jaffa cake, which was a bit too big for me to be honest. We walked around all the shops after a long walk through the park, and Jon had an opticians appointment, and also his beard had grown to epic proportions, like something the animals would live in in a Percy the Park Keeper book….so he was also despatched to the barbers.

I bought some cakes, a spring like hat from a charity shop for £2, a basket of treats from M&S, and a new bag from Roomes.

When we got in we were a bit tired, and I sewed Jon’s new Kryptek Typhon cammo trousers up as they needed shortening a bit. Jon’s legs look short but he is remarkably fast at running; Amber and I never fail to marvel how he can break from a relaxed amble to a full on sprint when required to catch a bus. We trot after him, and he ensures the bus doesn’t go without us.

These trousers are made from ripstop fabric, so they needed a thin and sharp needle and strong cotton thread. I tried several threads and needles before I got it right, there was much tangling and cursing before I worked out what I should be using.

Here you can see me modelling one of my Minion hats for our charity sale coming up. I hope you have a super weekend!



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