Skyscrapers and String

Never Go Back – Without A Hairbrush!

At the moment, I am thoroughly enjoying Jon’s Christmas book from Amber, a Lee Child ‘Jack Reacher’ novel called “Never Go Back”.

I am over halfway through, it is a super read, and today, I combined a bit of research based on the book, with the idea if I could achieve my goal I might save some precious minutes, and perhaps cram in a small and secret loaf about reading more of the book, upstairs in private, plus perhaps fitting in another coffee before heading out into the drizzle.

The book describes how the hero Jack is fierce, smart and self-reliant. He despises the normal suburban aspirations of property and family and he travels about off grid, generally pleasing himself.

In this story, Jack breaks a female military colleague out of jail and they go on the run together for several days.

This is the bit where my disbelief comes into play. I thought I’d write about it here and you could share your opinions with me.

Readers, can you truly believe that a female in her thirties can survive for days without any kind of beauty product, I am talking no deodorant, lipbalm, no hairbrush, no face cream, nothing.

Reacher adores his partner in crime and makes many observations as to her smarts, her gorgeousness and fearlessness. Here is a woman who is truly Jack’s equal. Apparently.

I think being parted from a hairbrush and conditioner she would rapidly resemble Wurzel Gummidge. They both shower daily but in the absence of deodorant, and no laundry, only the clothes they stand up in? Pe-yew! Ugh!

The element I decided to test for myself today was the bit where Reacher approves of his lady friend showering in 11 minutes, which is the same time his shower takes. Well, I tried this today and it was no big deal. I even used body scrub. It made me wonder if there are some additional steps to showering I am missing completely.

I can shower and dry in 10 minutes, but no, I am not ever going on the run from the authorities with Tom Cruise or Jack Reacher without my yellow dove deodorant, cherry lipbalm or a decent hairbrush.

Tomorrow I am cutting out the scrub to see if I can shave my shower time to 5 minutes. This is time well spent on research, although not as genius a scheme as the tv crew who convinced the BBC to send them to Baha to film whales for 5 years. Or testing chocolate for a living. Now that’s rock n roll!


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