Skyscrapers and String

12,000 hits and Finally Making Sense

Hello everyone!

A big thank you for visiting me here, I can’t believe I have over 12,000 hits!

I do hope you enjoy my random musings and knitting banter. I must admit, I owe you another thank you because writing here is teaching me a lot of things about myself. Your encouragement helps me along too, and your kind words when I feel low or poorly are lovely, as I have very little by way of family who check in on me, certainly, it’s only my friends who keep me going.

Here you can see dear Woozle who has been sleeping on my knitting books this week:


Knitting club was great fun this week too, we sat next to Rich Ricci at cOsta who was very senior once upon a time, he was famous for keeping racehorses. Despite sitting next to a dozen men and women knitting and chatting noisily he pretended not to notice any of us.

Here you can see me with Mary and Joanne:



On Thursday I had the day off with Jon, I took him to London Bridge to see a consultant regarding his DVT which is not healing. additionally he has been having skin problems and other side effects which had been getting him down quite a bit. We saw the big boat HMS Belfast, Had a wonderful late lunch after the appointment, and now Jon is being seen by the best Doctor, he is optimistic and his spirits are greatly restored.

Whilst waiting for him at Pret, which is by a paved courtyard on a busy road in the middle of London, I was sat on by six bees within an hour. I was wearing a new yellow cardigan with a blue tshirt with flowers on it. I am not sure I will be wearing this outside again. I like bees, but am not used to being visited by so many in such a short space of time.



On Friday I made some more bread, I have just enough left for my breakfast tomorrow.


Saturday Amber and I went for a swim and I finished my purple shawl. This is the last of the Noro I bought from Loop in October. It needs blocking now.





Knitting club are working on a secret project. The yarn is gorgeous, so luxe, but the pattern we settled on had errors, which my friend Debbie discovered as she tried the instructions out, so this weekend I have rewritten the entire thing, as well as doing my bit.

On top of that, our tumble dryer broke down, so Jon used our summer holiday twin cord bungee cords, which usually serve as our clothes dryer whilst we are away, and we have done all our washing using them today, they’ve worked brilliantly!

I’m not sure I like crispy towels and flannels, but we are in good stead for next week at work. I have learned a lot about organising my crafts this week, but that will be another post!


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  1. I love love love that purple shawl.


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    • * jengolightly says:

      Thankyou!!! Xxx


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